Hello. I’m Tara Marlow. I’m an Australian author of suspense and women’s fiction. Born in Sydney, I spent twenty years living in the United States, working for one of the biggest companies in the world. But I ditched the corporate desk in 2011. I wanted to focus on photography and plan my full-time travel adventure. When my nest emptied in 2017, I put that plan into place and travelled for three years, working as a travel writer. Ironically, six months before the world came to a halt, I stopped travelling, to live in small village on the east coast of Tasmania. Since stopping, I have pivoted my writing focus to fiction, writing about women overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges as they reveal who they are and what they’re made of.

I aim in being consistent with my posts. Every Saturday, you’ll see a new post from me.

But I’m not posting just about my writing.

I’m also writing about the other stuff in my life. Stuff that makes me curious. Stuff that brought me to where I am today. Stuff that frustrates the shit out of me, or delights me into giggles.

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Tara Marlow is an Australian fiction author, writing about life as a woman in her fifties, with all its bumps and swerves.


Tara Marlow

Tara Marlow tackles the challenge of hormonal shifts while trying to create captivating women's fiction and suspense novels. It's not easy some days.